Knowing When Enough’s Enough: A One-Act Play about Gratification

Posted By Tempest

Setting:  Living Room on an absurdly unusual evening off from work.  Tempest and Thunder are seated side-by-side in their recliners watching a movie.  Recliners each have a bedsheet on them because their new microfiber chairs are too damn hot in this weather without one (someone should have told them about microfiber furniture before buying the new living room set!).

Someone has given them a rather large piece of cake.  Three-layered – with all the frosting in between the layers and slathered on top and the sides.  And it was a really big wedge of a slice, too.

Now Tempest and Thunder don’t generally eat cake except on the occasional holiday or birthday, and then it’s a really small piece.  They’ve been trying to be really good about food that’s NOT good for them.

Thunder is sitting with his legs up.  Tempest is not reclined, but she is sitting cross-legged with her feet under her.











Tempest:  (taking a small bite of the delicious fruity lemon coconut cake)         Oh!   This is really good.

Thumder:  Well, don’t hog it.      Tempest passes the plate over to Thunder.  He takes a small bite and passes the plate back.

Tempest:  Oh, crap!!        Tempest fumbles the plate and the cake goes tumbling into her lap, between her legs.  She jumps and further squishes the cake into her crotchal area and onto the seat below her.  It’s a mess. 

Thunder is laughing so hard that he’s hooting and choking on his cake.

Tempest:  What’s so damn funny?          She is trying to figure out how to get out of the chair without making things worse.  This cake has completely fallen apart and is now embedded in way too many personal places.

Thunder:  Just realizing…this is how you know you’re with someone a long time:  18 years ago when we were first starting out…this would have been foreplay.

Tempest:  “Oops, sir.  I seem to have dropped my cake…”

Thunder:  Exactly.

Tempest:  And now?          (still trying to extricate herself from the chair without getting cake on the floor).

Thunder:  *sigh*     Now, I’m just sad there’s no more cake.


and  SCENE

Jun 18th, 2014

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