Feed a Toad, Starve a Beaver

Posted By Tempest

Flu – Day 5.

I fear I am all alone. I can barely hear a thing around me. I sit in a comfortable chair facing a large, vividly colored box – it’s quite large, might even be 5′ across. People appear in the box. They talk with other people, but I cannot hear them. Sometimes, they face me and talk to me, offering me food, documents, cars. Do I know them? Are they friend or foe? I know not. They are at times gentle and smiling, at others – brutish and menacing. I do not completely comprehend as I flit in and out of consciousness. Still, I cannot hear their messages. I don’t know if they come to heal or hurt me. I sit and wait further information from them. They are always here, but yet I am lonely.


IMG_0382WAIT! There IS someone else here next to me – someone outside this colorful box. It appears to be a mammal…possibly male although it is difficult to comprehend through these crust-sealed eyes. He is thrusting a round ceramic vessel at me. It contains hot liquid. I know it is hot because, as I am about to sniff and taste it, a black, furry creature jumps from somewhere underneath me and onto my lap and chest, spilling the hot liquid on me. Hmmm…I smell cardamom and cinnamon. The furry creature looks at me with large black eyes. I stare back, not knowing if he about to devour me. He moves toward me, and I wait my end…it doesn’t come. Instead, this beast licks my face and neck. Affection? Perhaps, more likely a desire for cardamom and cinnamon. The large, male mammal takes the vessel from me and walks away. He is saying something to the furry creature, but again, I cannot hear it.

Oh, sweet sleep…vanquish these incomprehensible scenes and deliver me someplace quiet and soothing… and sandy… with mai tais and little umbrellas… and lifeguards… male, mammal lifeguards…


Jan 7th, 2014

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