It’s the REALLY Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown: A One-Act Play about Planning

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Setting:  Tempest and Thunder are flopped on living room chairs on a Sunday evening.







: Okay, I can hang on until we take our vacation. Remind me – when does it start?

Thunder:  The 21st, and then we’re off for 10 days.

Te:    Okay, but you still think we can’t really afford to go anywhere, right?

Th:    We’ll go away during that time overnight for our anniversary, maybe. But really, it’s a ‘staycation.’ We can get some things done here. And we should really do a few things that might be fun around here or in the city – day trips or day-long activities.

Te:    Any ideas?

Th:    Nope, you?

Te:    Nope…

Th: *quiet*

Te: *quiet*

Th:    What do you want to do, Marty? (He has stolen this line from Tempest.)

Te:    I don’t know; what do you want to do, Marty?

Th:    We…could…hump a pumpkin…

Te:    *blink* *blink* Wha?

Th:    I don’t know. You asked me, and all I can think of is hump a pumpkin.

Te:    … *blink*… but it has to be a local pumpkin, right? Cuz we’re not going anywhere.

Th:    Oh, yeah. Local pumpkins only.

Te:    *blink* *blink* We’re going to come up with something else, right?

Th:    Maybe…probably…we’ll just use that one as a placeholder until we think of something else.

Te:    But…if we don’t think of something else?

Th:    …then we’re checking out the neighbors’ porches – we’ll see what’s still hanging around.

Te:    *sigh* Okay, well…at least we have a plan…


and Scene

Oct 8th, 2016

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