Too Smart For Your Own Good: A One-Act Play about Tantrums

Posted By Tempest

Setting:  Tempest has just returned home after working 6 hours on a holiday.  She is greeted at the door by Brinkley T. Dog.










Brinkley: Mommy? Mommy, I’m hungry!

Tempest walks into the kitchen to put down her packages

Tempest: Brinkley, give me a minute, please. I just got home!

Brinkley:   Mommy, mommy, mommy, I want an apple! (standing in front of the fridge and nudging it with his nose)

Te:    Brinkley, go outside for a few minutes! Let me get a drink and settle down first, then I’ll figure out what you want.

Br:    I want an apple!! (nearly ramming the fridge).


Br:    Okay…well…then…I’m taking this PEAR YOU LEFT ON THE COUNTER! (running away with MY pear and out the back door).


He is so happy, he’s leaping around with the pear in his mouth.But he must have bitten down on it because half falls out of his mouth as he runs away.

Bogie T. Dog has been hovering nearby to see what all the excitement was about. Bogie scoops up the dropped pear and runs up the stairs and under the chaise lounge. 

Brinkley drops the other half to run after Bogie, but Brinkley runs into the house, I guess, thinking that Bogie ran to his crate.

Bogie now quickly runs down the stairs and picks up the other half, whisking it back underneath the chaise on the deck.

Tempest is standing on the deck, laughing her guts out. She turns and walks into the house. Brinkley is running from room to room, searching for Bogie.

Brinkley sees Tempest and runs to the fridge, nudging it.


Br:    Mommy…

Te:    Sorry dude…you lose!

and Scene

Jul 4th, 2013

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