Albino Poo: A One-Act Play about Boredom

Posted By Tempest

Setting:  At work, in between games, just Thunder and myself. He is preparing boards for the next game. I’m reading through a lesson I have to give later.

 It’s quiet. Too quiet.


Tempest:  You know… I’ve been thinking… Maybe I should take some Meth.

Thunder:  (slowing looking up at me) *blink* *blink* Do you even know what Meth is?

Te:    Yeah! Crank, Crunch, Albino Poo…

Th:    You made that last one up, didn’t you…

Te:    Nope. I heard it on the Discovery Channel.

Th:    No…no Meth for you…

Te:    Okay, how about a pony? Can I have a pony?

You hate horses. Hate them!
Te:    Zebra? OOOOO! Albino Zebra!

  Seriously – what is wrong with you?
Te:    I’m bored and I don’t want to teach later. Hey! How about…we just lock up and leave! We could go clubbing…in the city!

yeah…first of all, it’s pouring and the driest place we could be is right here in this building. Secondly, and it pains me to actually say this, but I’m pretty sure you haven’t been in a club in 20-something years. I seem to recall those days with you. You couldn’t hold any liquor then, and I’ll bet anything over 2 glasses of wine now will involve paramedics…so…

Te:    You’re a mean boy.

Th:   Well, look at it from my perspective: I’m warm and dry, I don’t have to feed and stable a pony…

Te:    How about…

Th   …or a zebra, and I’m getting paid to be HERE.

Te:    Money that you’ll need for my Meth…

Th:   How about this: you stay and teach your class, and not yell at anyone because you’re cranky, and on the way home we’ll stop at Barnes and Noble – a bookstore with real books.

Te:    Oooooh! That would probably be better than Meth… but not better than –


Te:    Okay…but I was looking forward to all the Albino Zebra Poo…

Th:   *sigh*

and Scene


Jul 5th, 2015

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