My Other Ride Is Your Dad

Posted By Tempest

I was a little under the weather last evening. Nothing serious, really. Sometimes, I have a bad evening, heartwise.

But just as a precaution, I told Thunder that I would change into a comfortable shirt and pj pants and curl up in my recliner in the living room in case he had to call 911 (loose clothing easier for medics to take vitals, etc.).

When I came back downstairs, Thunder took one look at me and sent me back upstairs to change. He said he wouldn’t call 911 for me if I insisted on wearing a “My Other Ride is Your Dad” exercise shirt.

Hey, I just wanted to be comfortable, but apparently the ER has a dress code.

(I’m guessing it’s a “no” for Casual Friday as well.)

Apr 25th, 2013

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