Day 7-Night: Thunderless Dreams

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Okay, so the truth:  I have a very hard time sleeping at night when Thunder isn’t home.  Sometimes he has to be out late for a meeting or a…thing…and I just can’t get to sleep.  So if I’m actually someplace alone – without him anywhere around – restful sleep is sometimes difficult.  Here’s what I remember from the dream that woke me at around 4:00am:

It seems that my old high school friends and I decided to have a Sunday afternoon picnic at my house.  Many, many of them were able to come – nice, right?   Among the arrivals – Yogi Berra, famous former Yankee.  No…I did NOT go to high school with Yogi!  (Although a little cosmetic surgery at this point in my life might help you make that distinction more clearly.)

Anyway, Yogi has brought a monkey with him.  Of course he has.

Yogi is already distraught when he arrives.  It seems that he’s just heard of the death of old friend, Starsky – or Hutch – whichever was the blond one from the old 1970s TV show (WTF?). Not the actor who played StarskyHutch, but the actual character. In point of fact, I don’t believe that Paul Michael Glaser or David Soul (the actors) are dead, and I don’t wish either of them ill, although just what made David Soul think he could be a singer in the 1970s, what with that sappy ballad he cut, and after his domestic violence issues with his wife, too…But I digress. 

Anyway, because Yogi is so distraught, he decides he must go upstairs and take a shower.  Of course he must.  (WTF?)

Apparently after his shower, Yogi manages to drag himself to my guest room where he…dies…creating a wet lump of expired humanity on my guest room floor. 

When the monkey spies Yogi, she goes berserk, saddened by her loss.  Now I don’t know what to do!  I’ve got a dead national icon, a crazy monkey, and a backyard full of guests.  I’m nearly at my wits end when Thunder arrives.  He assesses the situation and makes a few phone calls.  Someone from Turtleback Zoo arrives for the monkey.  George Steinbrenner arrives to handle a respectful removal and transfer of Yogi’s remains (now I know I’m dreaming), and Thunder joins me in the backyard with my old friends and wins the limbo contest.  My hero!

…note to self:  just because there are 2 Starbucks within walking distance of the resort doesn’t mean you have to load up on the caffeine just before beddybye time…



Feb 26th, 2009

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