Putting a “Mc” in Front of the Name Doesn’t Make It Food

Posted By Tempest

Dear McDonalds Corporation,

I find it unbelievable that no one in the New Product Naming meeting bothered to say this menu item’s name ALOUD!

While our friends in the Midwest and the South might enunciate every letter perfectly and avoid this embarrassment, we here in the New York/NJ Metro area are not so eloquent.

We smush our consonants together or drop them entirely – we’re in rush, people.

So I assure you that your new food product will not be a success here. Say it with me:


Chicken McWrap.

Granted, saying it aloud puts a fine point on your entire menu.
But please don’t ask us if we want it Grilled or Crispy.

Not a consumer

Aug 23rd, 2015

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