They Mostly Come Out At Night…Mostly

Posted By Tempest

I fell asleep in my recliner last night around 10pm. Really exhausted, and fully reclined.
I was dreaming about something…oh, I don’t even remember, but it wasn’t a bad dream. Suddenly, I was dreaming that I was having a heart attack. I was having a heart attack and I was crying. I never dream about dying, but this felt real. From somewhere deep inside, I was now fighting my way to the ‘surface.‘ I was panicking, and I needed to get help.

As I reached the surface, I still had enormous pressure in my chest, and my face was wet. But there was something else…there was heavy breathing very, very close to me. My first thought – seriously, I don’ t kIMG_0104now why – is that I’ve wandered away from Ripley, Bishop, Hicks and the rest of the team into the Aliens’ den. I’m a goner. One quick bite away from an acid death.


Then, there was a sneeze, and somebody SNOTTED all over my face!

I open my eyes, and there’s Bogie T. Dog standing with his back legs on the sofa arm, stretched over my recliner’s arm and resting his front legs on my chest. Man, he’s heavy! I guess he had been licking my face when a sneeze overtook him.

Freakin’ dog. I’d rather have the acid attack, I think.

Mar 15th, 2013

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