Stop Calling Me Old! I’m ‘Previously Used’

Posted By Tempest

I have taken very good care of my teeth since I had my braces removed at age 19. I floss and brush twice a day. I rinse with a plaque-busting solution every evening. Mouthwash morning and evening.

I’m on my way to the dentist to get my 5th crown in 3 years.
Me! I’ve had very few cavities in the past 30-something years, but as soon as I turned 50, I’ve had to have teeth replaced with crowns because of the heavy cavity damage all of a sudden.

When I asked the dentist why this was happening, he looked at me and said, “How old are you?”

Seriously if one more doctor or professional tells me that I should expect these things ‘at my age,’ I’m going to slap him/her.


Feb 28th, 2013

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