The Aftermath…

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This has been one crazy week.

Hurricane Sandy – they are actually calling it Superstorm Sandy cuz it was physically larger than a hurricane – hit on Monday, October 29th, , continuing into Tuesday, October 30th.

Thunder and I made preparations – food, water, toilet paper and dog grub.We bought candles, expecting a power outage.We emptied the fridge and freezer, eating interestingly strange combinations of meals in the couple of days prior to the storm.We filled our cars with gas.

We even had “Go” bags ready: clothing, cash, Passports, Advanced Directives and Wills, copies of our regular bills with phone numbers and account numbers. I mean…we were ready!

But it’s always the weakest link that gets you, you know?

Gas stations had no power. Our cars were running out of fuel while we traveled back and forth to check on the business (also without power). I have vague memories of gas lines in the 1970s; this was a repeat. We’d find a station open, wait on a very long line, only to have the station run out of fuel (tankers couldn’t get to stations consistently).


We ended up staying close to home and hoping it would end soon.  We slept in the living room, huddled together.

Thankfully, we had no real damage to the house or the business.  The business had power return on Friday, Nov 2nd.  We were able to get back up and running, and we used that power there to charge laptops, phones and whatnot.

On Saturday, Nov 3rd, the weather dude on the radio said we would have afternoon showers and gusts up to 30 mph. 30mph?? Pfffft!!  Are you kidding me? That’s nothin’!

Note to Mother Nature: You don’t scare me; I’m from Jersey!

Without power, school was closed for a week here and in most of northern Jersey. Lots of flooding and debris everywhere, but our house…nothing! YEAH! Just no power. We were like pioneers living off the land. Well…if the that means endless PB&J sandwiches and diet soda, and sleeping huddled together on the sofa and recliners huddled up with the doggies. But roughing for us, no? Since we had gas heat and hot water, AND the gas lines were fine, we were able to have hot showers and boil water for tea or drinking. Really not that bad for us.



Power finally returned to our home this morning (Wed, Nov 7th).

First thing I did? Go upstairs and check out the bedrooms, making sure that nothing had gone wrong during the 8 days of darkness, generally making sure everything was okay.

Second thing I did? Sat at my vanity table, switched on my makeup mirror, and plucked these week-old scraggly eyebrows.

I understand priorities.

I’m very glad that none of my family or friends had major issues.  News reports have been coming in about massive destruction along the shore towns.  I’ll keep those folks in my meditations and still be grateful that we’ve come through another storm okay.

Nov 7th, 2012

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