Okay, It Was Bad, But It Could Have Been Much Worse…

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Tuesday, October 30th

I’ve driven up to the shopping center where there’s a Panera with Wi-Fi. Panera closed – their Wi-Fi works fine from parking lot.

Counted over 150 power trucks in the shopping center parking lot.  I’m guessing they’re all sleeping in their trucks.  There’s a tent set up for coffee, I think.


No power – they’re saying we’ll be without for at least 2 more days. We’ll see.

Trees and lines down on my street, but not quite as bad as last October’s freak storm. We lost another HUGE trunk but it landed squarely in the middle of yard – no fence or deck damage. Tons of leaves that you literally have to wade through – some sections are calf high. Lots of streets closed.




Our business has no power but our competitor down the street does have power and is open…Grrrrr….

They’re working on streets right now to get lines off ground and big trees out of roadways.

We have gas so we have heat, although we really don’t need it. It’s in the 50s outside and in the 60s in the house so that’s good. I also have a gas stove, so I’m boiling water for tea. We’re making pasta for dinner. We have peanut butter and jelly and bread. Plenty of water and soda. Hot water heater is gas, so I can take a hot shower.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to open the business tomorrow.

Hope all my friends and family are safe.

Oct 30th, 2012

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