Another Pleasant Valley Monday

Posted By Tempest

Monday morning, October 29th

Brinkley has been up for 3 hours now, driving me crazy. Yes, puppy, I know the storm is coming. I know the wind is already terrible. Couldn’t I sleep one more hour, even?

I give up: I’m going to give both dogs Benedryl. The vet told me how much to give each when they get crazy or their allergies act up. Between the storm and Brinkley’s allergy to leaves and such, he’s a complete nutjob. Now…he’ll sleep and relax. Then maybe I can, too.

First, thought, I have to call employees and tell them that we are shutting down for the whole day. (Yeah!)

Two Hours Later …

The dogs and I need a little exercise before we all huddle together for our nap. So I’m shuffling through all my Pink songs on the IPod, and the three of us (Brinkley, Bogie and me) are dancing Gangnam-style on the living room carpet.

Thunder’s reaction as he walked through the room to find his book: “Thank God it’s raining and you three can’t do that on the deck.”


Brinkley won’t be able to maintain his exercising with all the Benedryl in his system. He’s going to back to curl up in his bed in 3…2…1…(yes!!)

Several Hours Later …

There goes the power. I’ve switched to the laptop, but I’m going to let it sleep. I might actually need it for something other than Words with Friends. See you all on the other side. Stay safe.

Oct 29th, 2012

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