It’s Just Going To Blow Past Us, Right?

Posted By Tempest

I’m really trying to avoid listening to the hype about this storm.  They say it might be hurricane strength…or not…when it reaches us.  Sandy – that’s what they’re calling it.

Hopefully, we will not experience deja vu.  Last October (2011) we had a winter storm here in the northeast that was unlike anything I’ve experienced in my many, long years.  This freak, massive snowstorm hit us on Halloween weekend even though the temps had been pretty normal up to that point, nothing too cold.  The ground, the trees, the environment was not ready for it.  Leaves were still on the trees – we hadn’t had a full autumn that saw the tress dropping leaves – which was strange in itself.

So this 2011 storm dropped on us!  It took down chunks of the oak trees around the house.  Telephone poles – down.  Trees – down.  Roofs – collapsed.  Power-out for 6 days.  It looked like a bomb hit us.  Power lines down and dangerous.   The storm damaged our fence and other parts of our property, but we were okay.  We were completely unprepared.

The most interesting part:  A week after the storm many towns decided to hold a “Trunk or Treat” version of Halloween:  Cars would park in a line or a circle in a large shopping center parking lot (there was plenty of room because the stores weren’t open – no power).  Kids in costumes would go from car to car – their trunks open – and get candy from folks.  Bizarre.

So after our experience last year, I have to at least make an effort to prepare.  The grocery store was a zoo this morning! Couldn’t believe it. I have peanut butter, bread, bottled water, dog food and toilet paper. I’m ready.

But it’s going to be nothing, right?

Oct 26th, 2012

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