Day-By-Day, I Am a Nutjob

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I find myself singing quietly while on line or at work or other inappropriate places. (Seriously, if I had had children, right about now they would need surgery for the chronic eye-rolling.)

Last week, I’m on line in the grocery store singing “God Save the People” from Godspell, quietly, to myself. However, I realize with my over-pronunciation (thank you, Miss Inverso in 9th and 10th grade), I’m actually singing, “God Save the Peep-hole.”

Well, this strikes me as hysterical, and I burst out laughing – again, I’m alone – can’t even turn to Thunder to mitigate the damage.  Can’t look like we’re having a private laugh about something.

And now, I can’t stop laughing because I realize based on the stares of the people around me that I look like a nutjob. I have to get out of line and wander around the store – laughing – until I’m sure that none of the original people on line are still there. Oh, man!

Mar 27th, 2012

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