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You hardly ever get the chance to say to someone, “I’m at your disposal,” bow your head once, and turn on your heels as you are off to fulfill some kind of noble mission.

Sad, really.

Of course, at this point in my life the head bob would probably compress a neck vertebrae, and the heel turn would probably result in a badly placed pirouette and a face plant.

So here’s a thought:  All of you over 50, let’s make a pact.  One year from now we’ll be in the best shape ever – best weight since high school, increased upper body strength and stronger definition in our abs, calves and arms.  Then we’ll head out together to fight evil doers everywhere.  We’ll wear our tights and capes with pride.

I’m already designing my utility belt with holsters for glucosamine and single malt.

Who’s with me???!

Mar 27th, 2012

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