Noxema 1969

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Just opened a new jar of Noxema…mmmm…know what it smells like?

It smells like riding your banana-seated Schwinn bike up and down Van Riper and Mahar Avenues, like Bobby Sherman and The Monkees, like watching “My Three Sons” on Saturday nights and “Family Affair” on Monday nights, like big yellow forsythia bushes growing in a bare patch of dirt, like sledding down the big hill in Nash Park on a Saturday afternoon in winter, like watching our dads play rec softball on summer evenings, like Sister Edna telling me to stop making goo-goo eyes at Henry Baumgartner, like singing “O Mary, We Crown Thee” in the blazing sun while part of a living rosary, like taking an early bath and rubbing on Skin-So-Soft just in time to sit on the living room floor to watch “Wonderful World of Disney,” like listening to the Mass in Latin and understanding the words, like working on Girl Scout badges with your best friend Michelle while trying understand Mrs. Borzotta’s thick Boston accent during meetings, like watching our moms attach hairpieces called “falls” and spritzing themselves with Arpege,…mmm, it smells like… Noxema…

Mar 15th, 2012

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