I Vowed, “For Better or Worse,” But Not “For Jail”

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This is how I get myself into trouble:

Thunder is in the kitchen making himself a grilled cheese sandwich.  I’m sitting in the dining room at my computer.  It’s an unseasonably warm evening in March and all the windows are open.  I’m talking to myself while reading a blog about some idiot’s behavior -

(mumbling) There’s no way this guy is telling the truth…  (reading some more)

No   way…kiddie porn does not just ‘appear‘ on your computer…

This guy’s a douche and a liar and a pedophile… (reading some more)

Who is stupid enough to believe this lie?  (reading)

Hmm…I wonder how the police knew he had this stuff…

And now I begin wondering about this stupid guy’s situation and trying to figure out the investigational aspects and a question comes to mind.  So I  decide to ask Thunder, a man who knows everything, what he thinks:

“Hey, how DO the police know YOU downloaded kiddie porn?

Not surprisingly, Thunder comes rushing out of the kitchen into the dining room.  He looks at me and then looks at the open windows.  He shakes his head, and turns back to the kitchen, mumbling, ” I don’t even know how to fix this.”  (then louder over his shoulder to me)  WINDOWS!  OPEN!

Te: (looking around)   Tee!

Th: (raised voice from kitchen)  NOT FUNNY!

And once again, I’m just hoping that the neighbors have their memos handy.

Apr 10th, 2012

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