More Bang for Your Buck: A One-Act Play about Priorities

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Setting: Lazy afternoon on the cruise, in our stateroom.  Tempest is on the balcony; Thunder is on the bed.

Thunder: I’m going to need more bang access.

Tempest: Huh? Uh…Okay…sure, sure, why not!

Th: Is that a problem?

Te:! Heck no!

Th: Good, cuz I’m going to need to get at some money

Te: (puzzled) Uh…money…for bang access What?

Th: What?

Te: What are we talking about?

Th: Bank access…I need some money – moolah – cashish …I need bank access.

Te: OH! Bank access. Uh…no! Heck no!

Th: (grumbling) Well, can we at least go back to bang access?


Sep 15th, 2010

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