Alaska: Let the Excitement Begin

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Okay…flight to Seattle at 9:00am. Leave house at 6:30am to get to airport, check bags, settle in. Excited, excited! Never been on a cruise before.

ALASKA! Glaciers! Bears! Lots of…other stuff!

I really have no idea what we’ll see. I’ve read the guidebook, but honestly, I’ve been so busy at work these past few months that I have no idea what to expect. I could have done more research if there had been more time. The whole cruise thing is new for me. This part of the country is new for me. We’re winging it…we’ll just see how it goes.

My alarm is set for 5:00am, but I am wide awake an hour before. Thunder, lazy bum, is still asleep.

it’s occurring to me that he doesn’t seem as excited as I am. I need him to get on board!

Tempest: (poking, poking, poking a sleepy Thunder) Hey, I have something to ask you.

Thunder: (muffled muttering) Grfrrfr…what…

Te: (reciting from memory) “If Mississippi bought Missouri a New Jersey, what would Delaware?”

Th: (looking through barely opened eyes) What?

Te: (giggling but repeating it in a drawn out version) If Miss Issippi bought Miss Ouri a New Jersey, what would Dela Ware?

Th: What the…? Okay, what?

Te: “I don’t know, Alaska.” Alaska. You know, “I’ll ask her?”

Th: Did you just make that up?

Te: You never heard that one as a kid?

Th: Uh…no…

Te: I’m trying to get you in the right frame of mind.

Th: Know what would get me in the right frame of mind? You moving back to your side of the bed and letting me sleep for an hour.

Te: Meany

So I let him sleep for an hour. We got up, fed the dogs, waited for Thunder’s dad to come over and we’re off to the airport. Then during the flight to Seattle, I leaned over to Thunder while he was reading his Nook.

Poke, poke, poke.

Te: “If Mississippi bought…

Th: Uh…we went through this already…

Te: Okay, you have to get more excited, dude.

Th: (returning his attention to his Nook) …Whoo?…

Te: *sigh*

Arrived in Seattle, and checked into the hotel. After having a quick lunch, we needed a nap to catch up on our missing sleep (plus we’re 4 times zones away so our body clocks are a little off). As we’re dozing off, I decide to give it one more try.

Poke, poke, poke.

Te: (about to speak) “…

Th: You’d better be poking me for something other than that…fashion…question.

Te: *blink* *blink*

Th: I’ll be excited about Alaska after a nap. Unless, of course, you’re poking me for another reason.

Te: (muttering, feigning sleep) Grfrrfr…

Th: (sleepy) Yeah, that’s a better idea…

Hopefully, we’ll both get more excited before we sail tomorrow. Otherwise, this is going to be long week.

Aug 30th, 2010

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