Olympic Fever – I Haz It

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I have had a terrible earworm for the past two weeks – The Canadian National Anthem.

I would bet that many, many Americans know the first two lines:

O Canada!  Our Home and Native Land!

But I’m not sure that many, many Americans know the next two lines, or even all of the the anthem.

I do, and this is where I think I got myself into trouble.

I was at a register at Bed, Bath and Beyond doing what I, unfortunately, do a lot at registers.  I was singing softly to myself.  I want to make it clear that I was not disturbing other customers.  But apparently the young man behind the register heard me as I sang myself through the song – well past the first two lines.  And that’s what I think triggered his question.

As he was bagging my purchase, he asked me, “Oh, are you Canadian?”

Well, what was I supposed to say?

If I say yes, I look a little weird.  I mean, Who sings a national anthem while they wait on line?

But if I say no, I look A LOT weird.  I mean, Who sings SOMEBODY ELSE’S national anthem while they wait on line?

So you can understand that naturally I said, ” Yes, Yes I am.”    And then to make it seem authentic, I followed it with, “We’re doing pretty well at the Games, eh?”

I had to add the “eh,” right?

I have come to recognize Thunder’s perplexed look when I relate these things to him as, “Till Death Do Us Part?”

Feb 28th, 2010

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