Happiness is a Warm Pee-Pee: A One-Act Play about Being a Supportive Spouse

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Setting:  4:30pm – Sunday.  Dining Room and Computer Alcove at the Thunder and Tempest house.

Thunder is playing a computer game.  Tempest is surfing the Net, looking for more Deaf events to satisfy her course requirements.

Tempest:  Oh, look – Bowling!

Thunder:   I’d go bowling with you.

Tp:            It’s a Deaf event…

Th:            Oh…no…I can’t…I don’t know ASL.  I won’t be able to communicate with anyone.

Tp:            Wait!  They’ve spelled it…‘blowing’…but they mean ‘bowling,’ right?

Th:            Uh…

Tp:             …and now I’ve gotten way ahead of myself because it’s for Jewish Deaf people.

Th:             Tell them your grandmother was Jewish.

Tp:             Hmm…well…

Th:             Besides, Jewish Deaf people love the blowing, I’m sure.  You’ll be fine.

Tp:             …AND it’s for SINGLE Jewish Deaf people.  Okay, I’m screwed on this event anyway.

Th:             Yeah…I’m still thinkin’ it’s the blowing that’ll get you in the door.

Tp:             So, you’re saying I can go even if their ‘misspelling’ is NOT an error?

Th:             (pause)   You need 10 volunteer hours for class, right?

Tp:             You’re so supportive…

Th:             …and all about the blowing

Tp:             You’re just going to keep saying it over and over, aren’t you…You can’t get it out of your head                       now, can you…

Th:             You PUT it there!  I’m just saying I know you’ll want to get full credit for any event you                                   attend.  You’ll want to be at your best…

Tp:             You’re a prince…GET OFF of me…go back to your little room!

Th:             …grumble…grumpy grumble…just trying to help…grumble…grumble


Feb 6th, 2009

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