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Thunder asked me if my high school had a school song.  The only song I remember was the drinking song we sang in the stands during football games.  Yes, I was in Marching Band, and don’t look at me that way.

Now I don’t want to say exactly how many years it’s been since I was in high school…let’s just say that in Base 31 mathematics it would be 1Q years ago.  I would have used Hexidecimal or Binary, but it wasn’t anything sexy (geek that I am).   Whichever way you look at it…many, many years later I had no trouble coming up with this song:

 To the tune of the Notre Dame Fight Song:

Let’s give a cheer for Mount Olive High.

You bring the whiskey, and I’ll bring the rye.

Send those Freshman out for gin,

And don’t let a sober Sophomore in.


We never stagger; we never fall.

We sober up on wood alcohol.

And when we yell, we yell like hell

For the glory of Mount Olive High!


Yeah…good times, good times…


May 9th, 2009

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