May IS National Masturbation Month! Yeah!

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May is here!  It’s Spring!  Flowers!  Birdies!  Masturbation!  (WHA?)











Gather ‘round, kiddies.  I have a bedtime story for you.

Once upon a time, there was a land where the overlords suppressed many, many personal freedoms of the lowly people…Actually, there were a lot of lands where this happened…Actually, we live in one of them…but I digress.

Okay, you want a bedtime story?  Here it is from Menstuff:

 “…Today, in many parts of the world (including the U.S.) children are punished if they are caught masturbating, which can affect their sexuality for the rest of their lives.  Adults in cultures across the globe are presented with heterosexual marriage as the only acceptable form of sexual expression. Masturbation is not honored as an important form of safer sex, much less as a way a person can love herself, learn about himself, or exercise, as one wonderful Chinese euphemism puts it, “self-comfort.”

Yes, that’s right, May is National Masturbation Month.  And since there’s a lot of talk now-a-days about getting back to basics, well…it’s organic, it’s free, it’s natural relaxation so it’s good for you.

I could also mention that May is also National Stroke Awareness Month…so what more do I need to say to convince you?

C’mon…give yourself a hand.


May 12th, 2009

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