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I’ve been having bits and parts of the same recurring dream lately.  At its core is the yearly television showing of the 1939 movie, “The Wizard of Oz.”  Now, just stick with me here…

Apparently, here’s the real purpose of the yearly television airing:  coded messages.  Yes!  But only certain people can receive these messages.  See, every year different people are supposed to get the messages and use the information.  The coded messages provide important clues to stop some kind of terrorist plot.  Now some conditions:  You MUST watch the movie on regular television; renting from Netflix doesn’t work.  Also, the intended recipients don’t know ahead of time that they’ve been chosen.  When it’s your turn to be the “decoder,” there’s simply an urge, a desire to watch this movie, and you’ll move heaven and earth until you find it in the TV listings.  If it’s your turn, you’ll watch the movie and find ideas forming in your brain; you don’t even realize what’s happening.  It’s like the end of “Field of Dreams” when James Earl Jones explains that people will come but they won’t know why.  That kind of subconscious understanding.

So 2009, apparently, is my year.  In the dream.  Dream…remember…only a dream.   I think the reason it’s my year is because of the age I will turn this year.  It’s a special number.  One that should not be mentioned aloud.  But my age seems to be significant to the understanding of the special information in the movie – all that…life experience…I guess.  And it’s not just me…it’s other women, women only, who turn this, ahem, special age this year who are chosen.

So I find the movie on TV and watch it.  I gather clues and learn about the specific terrorist attack I’m supposed to stop.  But THIS is where it gets weird…

There’s no Middle Eastern boogeyman, no white supremacy group out in the hinterlands…

The bad guy…Robby Benson.  I realize that some of you will need to go to IMDB.  I’ll wait…

Robby Benson – heartthrob of early-mid 1970s young adolescent girls everywhere.  Became a television director, I think, and provided the voice of the Beast in the animated Beauty and the Beast movie, and then went off the grid, maybe?  Not sure whatever happened to him.  But in this dream, Robby Benson is manipulating cows and chickens all across America.  They have stopped producing eggs and milk.  Agriculture is grinding to a halt.  His goal, I believe, is to control all of the dairy and egg industries in this country so that he can harness these goods for his own…wait for it…chocolate-making empire.  He wants to put Hershey and Mars and Nestle out of business.  All chocolate products will have to be created by him, making him, essentially, King of America.  Clever plan, really.

My job, and that of other like-aged women who have been chosen to thwart this evil endeavor? 

Seduce him and trick him into surrendering to authorities?  Nope.

Infiltrate his offices and turn plans over to the appropriate government agencies?  Nope.   

My job:  Distract the cows.  Teach them Scrabble and Yahtzee.   Turns out that heifers are very competitive. This way they won’t notice in the heat of a challenging match that WE’RE milking them and spiriting the milk away before Mr. Benson has a clue.  Same general idea for the chickens.  We travel the country, quietly entering barns and coops, armed only with supplies from Milton Bradley.  Really.

And this, my friends, THIS is what happens when you eat too much pie before going to bed…

Author’s Note:  Why Robby Benson?  Why not Bobby Sherman or David Cassidy or someone else from that time period?  Well…once I told Thunder about the dream, he reminded me that HE had recently had a dream about Robby Benson as well.  I had completely forgotten about that!  In this dream he was being coerced into going to medical school (I don’t know why).  The only school he could get into was the Robby Benson School of Medicine… I think in the dream this was his ‘safety school’ for his medical degree.  Now in Thunder’s defense, we had listened to a segment on NPR’s “Wait…Wait…Don’t Tell Me” that featured Mr. Benson, and I think his name and personality were still in Thunder’s brain when he drifted off to sleep.  In the NPR segment, Mr. Benson talked about having a cow on his farm.  I must have tucked that away somewhere in my own foggy cranium.  Scrabble, though?  Yahtzee?  No idea how that got mixed in.


Apr 10th, 2009

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