Permanent Record Follows You Around With Little Black Eyes

Posted By Tempest

I went online to sign up for TSA Precheck for my upcoming nerd cruise trip.
I want to avoid airport hassle and get on the quicky, no shoes lovefest** line if I can.
**Okay, the TSA website doesn’t specifically offer ‘lovefest’ as a benefit, but I DID go through the full body scanner on my last trip and I DID feel I had a special moment with a large, uniformed man named Darryl…but I digress…**

So, I get to the Disqualifying Criminal Offenses and Factors section.
Thunder says I – and especially I – need to comb through this list *very* carefully.
“P’shaw!” I say…until I get to Kidnapping.

So here’s my question:
If a 10-year-old kidnaps her sister’s panda named Chubby and creates a ransom note from cut-out letters and words from a magazine, does it really count as kidnapping?
What if her mother told her it would go on her permanent record.
Asking for a friend…

Dec 6th, 2016

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