Maybe He Could Get Work As A ‘Paper Hanger’

Posted By Tempest

Packing, cleaning, storing boxes at our storage unit.

Driving back today, the car in front of us stopped quite suddenly and I was really too close.
I jammed on the brakes and flung my right arm across Thunder’s midsection – mom-style – to ‘protect’ him.  My shoulder was up against his body, but my arm barely made to his midsection (short arm – large husband).

We were fine, not hurt, but Thunder started laughing.

Thunder:   Just what are you doing?

Tempest: You know, that thing that people do to stop passengers from going through the windshield.

Thunder: (laughing)
First Responders are going to be very confused to find my body, thrown through the windshield and lying on the road ahead, with three arms.
The worst part of this: I would probably survive my injuries, while you would die of massive blood loss from your missing limb, and somehow I’ll be blamed for it.

He’s right.  Even in death, I would find a way to blame him.

Moral of this story:  Thunder should always drive (which I was I wanted in the first place).

Mar 27th, 2015

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