Well…The Victory Lap IS Always At the End…

Posted By Tempest

“To ‘Lapidate’ is to Kill Someone By This Means”

This was the last question in the Double Jeopardy round tonight.

I had an answer right away, and I shouted out before Thunder.

It was not the right answer, but I never got to hear Thunder’s answer because he was on the floor laughing at mine. tongue

What do YOU think the answer is?

Right! I said ‘licking’ too!

Thunder has decided that when his time comes, he might like Death-By-Licking but is worried that it will just get too weird before he actually kicks it.

P.S. Answer: Stoning
Makes sense once you think of the word ‘Dilapidated.’
Don’t care.
My answer is awesome!

Aug 16th, 2015

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