“Serpentine, Chewy! Serpentine!”

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Here’s my question about the new Star Wars trailer (Trailer #2 released today):
Has Chewbacca been using “Grecian Formula for Wookies” for these 30-odd years?

Harrison Ford should have seen this coming.
He should have had a contract clause that at no time would a timeless, ageless Wookie be allowed to stand directly next to him.
Either that, or Chewbacca needs one of those Della Reese grey streaks on his head to show the passage of time for Wookies. It’s only fair.

But here’s a thought:  they need their own individual Buddy Movie, separate from this franchise.
I vote for a remake of “The In-Laws.”
Not like the Michael Douglas-Albert Brooks version.
More like the Peter Falk-Alan Arkin version, definitely.

Han Solo’s tomboyish-but-cute, independent, mechanically-skilled daughter (think Kaylee from ‘Firefly’) falls in love with Chewbacca’s lovable-but-misguided son who has fallen in debt to Jabba The Hutt’s gangster empire.  Hilarity ensues.

Apr 16th, 2015

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