“Ms. Tempest Will See You Now”

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Thunder asked me if I bought him anything for his birthday (tomorrow).
I had just come back from the store, and, yes, I had bought him his present.

So I asked him if he wanted it tonight.
When he said, “yes,” I told him to close his eyes.
I retrieved his present from the kitchen and placed it into his hands
aheinz-ketchup1nd said, “Happy Birthday!”
He opened his eyes and looked.


Not sure of what to make of it, he looked up at me with a half smile and a bit of concern.

Heinz Ketchup was not what he was expecting as a birthday present.

I waited another 5 seconds or so, and then I gave him the chocolate I had bought for him.
Relieved, he said, “Thank goodness.
I thought we were moving into some weird kind of ’50 Shades’ evening.¬†Whew!”


Mar 19th, 2015

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