Another Half-Armenian Female Breaks The Internet

Posted By Tempest

Sitting with my cup of tea and waiting for my class to arrive, I’m contemplating all the problems in the world today.

One problem immediately pops to the surface:
Why is it that we can land a spacecraft on a moving comet, but we have not spent any time at all on “TEMPEST: THE MUSICAL”
I think we all need a priority check, people.

Actually, this is Plan B.
Plan A was standing on a wooden box, emerging from a black sequined gown, displaying my oil-laden naked body to the world and breaking the Internet…but then I thought, “Who in their right mind does something like that?”

So…back to TEMPEST: THE MUSICAL… because that’s not self-aggrandizing or narcissistic in any way at all.
I plan on breaking the Internet in a different way…

Mar 29th, 2015

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