Happy Birthday, Nick

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For 8 years Nick was an important part of my life. Every day.

We did amazingly fun things together.
We helped each other through sad times.

He would show up at my door, nearly force me into his car, and take me on adventures.

He would call me in the middle of the night to play a new song over the phone for me because he liked it so much.

He took me to the movies but insisted that we eat afterward so we would have time to analyze the film.

He gave me thoughtful, wild presents that were always just right.

He asked me questions no one ever thought to ask me before.

He called me on my bullshit like no on ever has.

We traveled together and did goofy things I might not have done on my own.

We spent hours and hours together in the most earnest conversations that we couldn’t share with others.

He trusted me with secrets, dreams and hopes, as I trusted him.

He made me laugh at times when I was sure I might not ever laugh again.

He thought I was one of the funniest people he’d ever met.

And I loved him so very, very much.

But at some point, *life* intervened.
Our time together dribbled away.
We saw less and less of each other.
Cards, phone calls and occasional visits became the standard.
I believe – I have to believe – that we both were complicit in our drifting apart. I don’t think I could live with myself if I thought I was the only one who caused it.

I was always sure that we would come back around to each other. I figured there was always time. It seemed unthinkable that he and I would never be in each other’s lives again.
I saw him last year about this time, about 6 months before he died – so suddenly – last October.
And earlier this week was his birthday.
I’ve been a little manic all week because such a beautiful person, such a beautiful man, is now gone.
And there is nothing I can do now to tell him how much those 8 years changed my life. No way to let him know that he made such a huge difference in not only my life, but the lives of so many, many others.

Happy Birthday, Nick. I have missed you more than I can describe.


Apr 3rd, 2015

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