When You Play Bridge, You Play Bridge All The Way! From Your First Cigarette To Your Last Dyin’ Day

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I was explaining the basics of bridge play during the first class of the new Beginner ‘semester.’ I told them that one of the four players at the table had a goal to achieve (Declarer), and the two Opponents on each side of him/her were trying to stop the achievement (Defenders).


One of the newbie students asked, “How hard are we trying to stop Declarer’s actions?”

Very quickly I quoted from West Side Story, “They say chains; WE say chains.”

Newbie student looked directly at me and said, “Oooooh…l…I think I’m going to need a cup..”

The newbies are either excited or petrified…

Either way: good for business.

Sep 12th, 2014

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