Do You Want To Build A Snowman? Or Snowwoman? How ‘Bout We Just Work Together on Something That Doesn’t Crush the Spirit of Little Girls Everywhere?

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I. Don’t. Get. It.

**Spoiler Alert – Although, really at this point, you people have no excuse not to know the story**

First, Elsa is a little girl with special ‘strength.’  Instead of celebrating that a girl has strength, we shut her away and ask her to hide it.

Second, Dad (the King), afraid of Elsa’s strength after she stuns her sister into unconsciousness, goes running into the forest to get help from rocks.  Rocks that turn into magical trolls.  Magical.  Therefore, Dad should not be surprised that his daughter has special abilities in this world.  Why are the magical trolls (voiced by males) stating that Elsa needs to be shut away?

Third, at the end of the movie when Anna is fading away and Elsa realizes that the way to save her sister is to LOVE HER…why is this okay?

I hate Frozen.  I think it’s a terrible message to little girls about hiding their powers, their abilities and their strength.  True, Anna goes off on her own and makes her own things happen, but we’re never told or explicitly shown that she makes these things happen on her own (she has a man to help her [and a snowman]).
So, movie message:  strong, capable girls – bad.  Ditsy, man-needing girls – good but damaged until she’s loved enough.

I’m sorry, but it kills me every time a little girl tells me how much she loves Elsa.
Unfortunately, I love the songs, especially ‘Let It Go’ because if you listen to it without the movie context, it’s an anthem for puberty-aged girls – how they can stand on their own and gather their own strength (gawd, I remember teaching 7th grade!).  I like that Elsa comes to her senses, but then I dislike that her original sisterly love simply wasn’t enough.

Mar 26th, 2015

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