End of an Era

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My final days on this trip are here.  The final couple of days I spent on the beach, tooling around the North Kohala coast, and going to Deaf Events in Waimea.  Met some interesting and very warm people at these events, welcoming a haole, and inviting me to another get-together – something they didn’t have to to at all.  The beach was nice even though the wind in Waikoloa is wicked.  I ended up with more grains of sand in my scalp than in my bathing suit.  Speaking of my bathing suit, I was trying to discretely remove imbedded sand from my suit before leaving the beach and some nice man offered to hold my suit for me while I brushed sand off my body.  Yeah.  Took me almost a full minute to realize what he was saying.  What a swell guy.  

Ready to go home, I think.  Not ready for the long plane ride.


If you missed any of the Flickr sets, they’re all here:



Mar 4th, 2009

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