I Can Waggle, Naggle, Laggle…Unfortunately Even Saggle…But Not Haggle

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The first thing you really need to know is that I’m not, by nature, a haggler. I don’t haggle.

The next thing you need to know is that once I get something in my head and am headed down a path, I sometimes forget to take a good look around. I’m too busy barreling forward.

So when I went to Staples today to get a new office chair, I was already in ‘barrel’ mode. I needed a chair.
I needed it today. I needed it done.
I marched over to the furniture section and looked over the options. I chose an inexpensive model, one that was on sale. I just need a seat that swiveled.

Salesperson says, “Sorry, we’re out of stock. Can we order one for you?”
I said, “No. I need a chair today.”
I looked at the chair sitting next to it: black mesh back, simple seat. It was on sale as well, marked down from the same original price as my choice BUT it was $20 more.
I said to Salesperson, “Do you have this chair in stock?” The answer was yes, and he pointed to a stack of boxes not far away.
I said, “Okay, I want to walk out of here with a chair. If I can’t do that, I’m going down the street to buy a chair somewhere else. Will you give me this mesh chair for the same sale price as my original choice? Will you drop the price $20?”
Salesperson thought about it for a minute. He said, “Okay, sure. Meet me at the register.”
Bought the box, put it into the car, drove home feeling all good about myself. I tell Thunder all about my masterful exchange with Salesperson.

Thunder puts the chair together, calls me from the other room, and says, “I’m done. Do you want to try it out?”
I walk into living room. My black mesh chair is BLUE! What the…???!
I asked him if he did something to the color.
He, of course, looked at me like I was crazy. 
”Why is the chair BLUE?” I ask.”
You chose this chair, didn’t you?”
“Uhm…nope! ”
“Does the box say it’s blue?”
I look at the box. In big red letters: BLUE.






I look at Thunder. He is now laughing.
He says, “Did you look at the box at the register.”
“Uhm…no I didn’t.” 
And why, you might ask? Because I was in barrel mode. Just pushing forward – not looking around.
Thunder now thinks this is the funniest thing that’s happened this week and he assures me that I can do all the haggling for us in the future just so he can see the results.

…freakin’ blue chair…







Nov 1st, 2014

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