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Blinded by the Dew: A One-Act Play about Really Understanding Your Spouse

Tempest -

Setting: Early evening. Diner. Tempest and Thunder are sitting, waiting to order dinner. Tempest:    *looking at Twitter* Kumail Nanjiani tweeted that “Mountain Dew should be a way more standard soda option.” Did you see that? Thunder:    Why does Kumail Nanjiani care about douche? Te:    *blink* About douche? Th:    And what exactly is a mountain douche? […]

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Beware of Dark and Stormy Outhouses: A One-Act Play about Everyday Similes

Tempest -

Setting:   Early evening. Living room.   Tempest and Thunder are sitting and reading.   Thunder lifts his glass and take a big sip of his diet soda. Tempest:    (putting down her reading)   Man!   I have to pee like a werewolf! Thunder:   (sputtering his soda)   What?!    Pee like a… what? Te:   Werewolf…you know “Pee like a […]

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