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Hey! Eyes Down Here, Mister, When I’m Talking To You!

Tempest -

Last night’s weird dream: My belly button could talk.  Yep.  Talk. It was bossing everybody around at work.  My bossy belly button threatened to shut the business down and turn it into a dance studio and cupcake shop if people didn’t shape up Yea, yea, yea – bossy belly button -deeper meaning – blah, blah, […]

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Feed a Toad, Starve a Beaver

Tempest -

Flu – Day 5. I fear I am all alone. I can barely hear a thing around me. I sit in a comfortable chair facing a large, vividly colored box – it’s quite large, might even be 5′ across. People appear in the box. They talk with other people, but I cannot hear them. Sometimes, […]

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