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I Can’t Remember If I’m the Good Sister or the Evil One: A One-Act Play about Surviving Menopause

Tempest -

Setting:  An evening telephone conversation between Tempest and her sister, Ruby. Tempest:  Remember all the instructional and inspirational books we received when we reached puberty? Lots of references to flowering and all the satisfaction we would get from baking and sewing and housecleaning and crap like that?  Well, where are all the books for menopause? […]

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Too Smart For Your Own Good: A One-Act Play about Tantrums

Tempest -

Setting:  Tempest has just returned home after working 6 hours on a holiday.  She is greeted at the door by Brinkley T. Dog.                 Brinkley: Mommy? Mommy, I’m hungry! Tempest walks into the kitchen to put down her packages Tempest: Brinkley, give me a minute, please. I just […]

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