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IPod Mood #3


For my listening enjoyment whilst slogging through paperwork for the business: 1.  At This Moment by Billy Vera and the Beaters 2.  Tell Me About It by Tanya Tucker and Delbert McClinton 3.  Come On Down To My Boat by Every Mother’s Son 4.  Four Seasons “Spring” (Vivaldi) by London Philharmonic 5.  It’s Raining Men […]

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I Haz a Boo-Boo…


Car Accident. Don’t have one. OK? Just, JUST, getting back to some sense of normal after nearly 2 months.  Only in the past few days have I been able to get through the entire day with sleeping or icing or general agony-related lifestyle.  Chiropractic and PT help. I’ll think of funny things soon…hopefully…

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