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“Your Eyes Are So Beautiful. Come. Meet My Parents.”


First of all, yes, I understand the hair IS a problem, but hey!  We all looked something like this – it was the 70s! My old friend, Keith, died in his late 20s and I’ve been remembering him lately.  His birthday just passed, and coincidentally I found some old photos of high school friends while […]

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How Long Can Your Trunk Be if Your Body is so Squatty?


I’ve been thinking a lot about an old friend lately.  He would have turned 51 a few weeks ago, and I’ve often wondered how his life might have turned out: would he have dreams fulfilled by now, would he be happy, would be back in my life the way that many of my old friends […]

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Judy Humping Hand


This site’s review of some current MisHeard Lyrics was interesting, but it was the 800+ reader comments that were the most fun.  Reminded me of back in the day, maybe 20 years ago, when a friend’s son consistently misheard and then mis-sung Beatles lyrics.  His mom played a lot of old Beatles tunes and tried to […]

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