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I Could Have Been Mrs. George Clooney If It Weren’t For My Little Sister

Tempest -

Dreams…such odd dreams… Sally Field and I were riding around our small village in a golf cart, kicking back and having some fun. We’d ride to the ice cream parlor and then over to the music store where we would sift through the newly arrived 45s and 33s. It was a small village, not much […]

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Same Time, Next Year…

Tempest -

  I’m sitting at my computer, and my Mike Piazza Rookie card is staring down at me.     He looks so sad, knowing he’s not going into the Hall of Fame…again… Even though I know why, I ask, “Why so blue, Panda Bear?” Mike says, “Whatev” I crook my finger to call him closer […]

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My Boyfriend’s Back and There’s Goin’ Be Trouble (Hey La, Hey La, My Boyfriend’s Back!)


In Plain Sight returned to USA Network this past week.  My boyfriend, Christian de la Fuente, returned as the baseball-playing love interest.  Well, he didn’t have a lot to do last night. That’s okay…they made me wait for months for the return of the show.  I guess I can wait a little longer for them […]

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