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“Courage” – It Doesn’t Have An Expiration Date


I wrote the following Op-Ed piece in the aftermath of a terrible Tuesday morning eight years ago.  I am grateful that so many newspapers across the country published this piece in the two-week window after that devastating day. “COURAGE” “Do you go into the city often?” I snapped my head up from my newspaper and […]

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When You Color Outside the Lines…The Terrorists Win


Apparently, FEMA had a downloadable coloring book for children on its website.  The coloring book was created and uploaded in 2003 to explain the correct responses to disasters in ways that children might understand.   What  I  don’t understand is… What fuckwad at FEMA thought “A Scary Thing Happened” was a good idea!?  The book is filled […]

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Tony-award and Emmy-award winning actress, Bea Arthur, passed away yesterday at age 86.  In addition to her stage and screen work, she was a driving force on two television series about strong women finding their own way. In the 1970s Maude broke a lot of rules about how a woman, a wife, should behave.  A […]

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